Pawsitively Simple Design is dedicated to achieving the ultimate in website design that represents you. And we do that while keeping costs affordable. While package deals are nice, I have yet to find the perfect one.  It seems that a package always includes something you don’t need and doesn’t have something you do, so Pawsitively Simple Design offers its services a la carte; pick one, pick a few, or pick them all.

We can design a new site or update and maintain an existing one. It’s your choice. Updates are charged on a per occurrence basis; no long term contracts and no monthly fees. Just send us the update, pay the fee, and your update is posted to your website. Pawsitively Simple!

Webpage Design and implementation

Website Design could be as simple as putting together a few pictures and information about your product or as complex as a multi-level site with complex navigation, custom scripting, graphics design, and e-commerce. Pawsitively Simple Design works with you, your goals, and your budget to put together the site that best fits your needs. For estimate purposes, most static sites will usually run about $30.00/pg. CMS sites, such as WordPress, are usually based on a per hour charge (see scripting below)

Just for a rough guideline, my personal website, Evening Sky Labradors, would run about $300 (9 pages, simple navigation). A more complex site, such as the recently completed Keenen Dalmatians could run $1000 and up (20+ pages, custom sliders, music, custom graphics). Remember that the more time you invest in planning and gathering your resources (pictures, etc) before you hire me (or any web designer), the sooner your website is live and the less impact on your pocketbook!

Updates (show wins, litters, etc)

If an update requires a new page, for example when a new product is added, then the basic Web Design hourly rate ($30/hr) is charged. Changes to the overall style of a webpage, such as color, background, navigation buttons, or headers are also charged at the Web Design hourly rate. For updates or changes to an existing page (or CMS site), the rate is $20.00/hr*

Custom Scripting

Custom scripting can include complex navigational tools, customized gallery tools (eg, “sliders”), or customized menus (CMS sites). These are usually agreed on beforehand and are included in the original contract. $30.00/hr*

Printable Clearance/Pedigrees (.pdf), $30.00/hr*

Image editing, $30.00/hr*

Custom Logo/Header Design, $30.00/hr*

New customers and/or new websites require a 50% of the estimated total as non-refundable deposit before work will begin. Final payment must be received before the website will be activated. You will have multiple opportunities to approve layout, colors, and design throughout the process.

For existing customers or for simple updates, payment is due before the updates are uploaded, but work may begin immediately.

Estimates of time and cost are just that – estimates. We strive to present an honest evaluation of the work and time needed, but, due to the nature of the creative work process, we cannot guarantee an estimate will be the final cost.
Initial consultations are free. If you’re not sure about anything listed above, feel free to ask; We’ll be happy to give you an estimate before beginning work.

*All per hour fees are calculated in 15 minute increments.
All rates are subject to change.