Website Design & Maintenance

services1Your presence on the web should reflect you: your personality, your achievements, your goals. It should not be about high tech wizardry or elaborate, and often unreadable, fonts. Your website design should serve as a frame that showcases and highlights the effort, experience, and training you have put into your breeding program, obedience and field trial accomplishments, or handling achievements. Although high tech wizardry often comes in handy behind the scenes to accomplish that, it shouldn’t be the first thing your visitors see when they visit your website. You want your visitors to say, “What a nice dog!” not, “What a great website design.”

Pawsitively Simple Design is committed to providing you with a custom website that focuses on and showcases those things you have spent years developing: your dogs, accomplishments, breeding, and experience.

Image & Document Editing

services2The images you choose to showcase on your website might be the most important choice you make about your website.  Pawsitively Simple Design is experienced at editing and scaling photos so they work together on the page. Each photo will stand out on it’s own merits and will load reasonably quickly – even for those visitors still on dial up.

Pawsitively Simple Design has also had some experience designing logos, though that is not our primary skillset. If you do not currently have a logo, we will work with you to design and implement a logo that represents you.

Pedigrees are an important part of showcasing a breeder’s accomplishments.  Pawsitively Simple Design will take your pedigree file (3-5 generation) and format it attractively for the page, as well as offering a printable copy for your visitors to download, print and save.

Clearances are also a vital part of a dog’s record, especially one who is being offered as part of a breeding program.  Pawsitively Simple Design will list your dog’s clearances, link them (if applicable) to the appropriate registering authority (OFA, CERF, etc), and, if you choose, provide a .pdf image of the actual clearance for visitors to view, download, print, and save.

Domain Names and Website Hosting

Pawsitively Simple Design does not offer domain name registration or website hosting, but we will be happy to set that up for you.  We strongly recommend for both domain name registration and website hosting.  Their strong commitment to customer service, high availability rates and reliability records, and competitive pricing give them, in our opinion, an edge over any other hosting/domain registrar service out there.

For a new website, Pawsitively Simple Design will register your domain name and establish your hosting service for the first year, normally through but we will honor your request for a different host/domain registrar, at your expense. The account is set up in your name, and all renewals are your responsibility.